Why take private lessons?

Aren't school lessons enough?

Because every child learns at a different pace, private lessons can be tailored to your child, helping him/her keep up with class at school, or give additional challenge and enjoyment. Many classes at school are large, and while the instructors do a wonderful job, it is physically impossible to get to each student to offer the individual attention for development of fundamentals of playing. Private lessons can help to minimize your child's frustrations learning the instrument, builds their confidence giving them instant feedback, and sets them up for success. Children learn how to practice correctly and productively, and are much more likely to stay motivated, with the help of a private instructor.

"Private lessons are for anyone, not just music-career bound musicians. Music is a lifetime of enjoyment for many people." Amanda Proctor and Ms. Dell - www.williamsburgfamilies.com.

Numerous research studies have shown students involved in musical activites - www.stradviolin.com

  • * Have higher overall academic scores
  • * Have improved reading comprehension, mathematical abilities, problem-solving, memory and concentration skills
  • * Develop leadership and teamwork
  • * Improve hand-eye coordination, thus increasing neural connections in the brain
  • * Develop an appreciation for all the fine arts
  • * Tend to be more relaxed, having a method of self-expressions